Thursday, December 2, 2010

So it goes

It just wouldn't be the holidays without Effy in a coma.

Freddie had gotten the guys together. It wasn't quite a wake, just some togetherness. Actually, it was time to show off Manny. Of course, Cook envied him so. But it didn't stop him from getting shitfaced down at the pub.

This lead to him showing off his willie to whom ever might be impressed. Of course, none were. Honestly, what did he see in Cook. He was just a fucked up drunk.

But he had Manny to kiss and make everything better. He was all smiles. Except he couldn't say the same for Tony and Robby. They seemed kind of distant. What the fuck could be wrong?

"Do you want to talk to about it?" Freddie got a word in with Tony while Manny was in the loo. Somehow after the Effy fiasco they were now comrades. He felt a damn might closer to Tone than those prats he'd ran with in school. Possibly, he was growing up. He guessed.

"Its nothing." Tony was all calm as if he was determined to make this work with Rob.

"I dunno." Freddie winced. "Something is different." He couldn't pin point it, exactly. "You think the bloke is, you know, not being on the up and up with you?"

"Don't start it, will you?" Tony was a bit peeved he'd bring it up. "We're fine. Its just been a long time since we' know." He twitched slightly as if the fucking wasn't what it used to be.

Freddie looked around. God, his Manny had been gone such a long while, hadn't she?

"Where's Cook?" Freddie wasn't sure he wanted to know where that number one prick was.


תמר said...

hhohohohohoooooo ive been waiting for a new chapter for years !! :]

l-ove it, please right more soon =]

Holly said...

Thanks so much for the comment..and such encouraging make me want to write more. Sorry, I hadn't written something sooner. I was shocked when I looked to see how long it had been..since OCTOBER..I had no idea. Promise, more this month.

Jasper Hale fan fic said...

Oh..what could Cook be up too???

ellie said...

so love the first line!