Thursday, October 28, 2010

standing in the need of love

"You can't just leave me." Cassie was serious. And yeah, Naomi got the reason. They were good together. Maybe too good. "After all I've done for you. Can't just, run out on me like this."

"I don't want to." Naomi found herself in a pout, but she missed someone. What was she doing right now? It had been so long since she'd seen that red hair of hers. The guilt was sinking in. And she truly hated herself for making Emily feel so lost. It was her fault. She had to go back and make it right with her.

"I can't, see you doing it." Cassie was going to be an emotional mess if she left her now. Here in New York City. She'd be out of control in no time. "Fine! Just go then." Cassie stood there in the flat they shared. She might as well be a ghost already.

Naomi knew this was her future. This was where she belonged. Cassie had really gotten her into the game of fashion, and she could clearly get a career here. Naomi bit her bottom lip. Yes, she'd packed her bag. What was she to do? Not look back on her life with Emily ever again? Why did she dream about her so much? What the fuck was wrong?

Naomi crumbled on the couch. Cassie made over her as if she might be a broken doll. Maybe she was. Maybe she needed to be fixed. And Cassie was the only one to fix her. It wasn't until this moment that Naomi knew. She knew Cassie was stronger when she was with her.

It would cost less just to call Emily. See what was up. Naomi kissed Cassie then. In no time they were making up. The less she thought of Emily now.


better days said...

Oh..I hope she finds out what Emily is up too.

meg said...

Have to wonder if they'll ever get back home.

ayşegül said...

you win an award, visit me :D
love y ..:))