Saturday, December 4, 2010

like old times

It just wouldn't be a party without a bird involved. What the fuck were they celebrating, anyhow? Cook sort of forgot when he saw Manny, who looked just as good as Effy, but she wasn't sleeping. She was moving to the grove and being such a bitch to him.

It only made him want to want her more. She was wicked. Lovely and wicked. Why hadn't he banged her already? It was just a matter of time, wasn't it?

"Shall we?" He'd whispered in her ear. It was only a matter of time.

Soon he had her in the loo and they were smashing into each other. Thank God, she let him finger her and finally, he tasted her with his tongue. It was down hill after that, cramming his cock deep inside her, there in the stall. It was just what he needed to get his night started. Fucking Freddie's lass.

It was a good energy. He hadn't felt this much emotion in ages. And she was beautiful. Her panting, so real and vibrant. He just wanted more. Naturally, those who wanted to take a pee had to go to a different loo, because they owned this place. If he'd been a vampire he would have turned her into one, already.

But Freddie found them.

"Fuck." Cook's voice echoed through the loo.

"How could you!" Freddie's eyes bulge in anger. Cook wasn't sure who Freddie hated the most. Him or Manny.

"You have to keep an eye on what you own!" Cook gave him the screw you face even if he held on to Manny tight. No need for her to break his penis off in this situation. They were not finished.

Freddie just gritted. He turned away and walked out.

Cook was expecting a fight. He dearly loved a good fight with the old mate. But he had business to tend to with Manny and Cook could feel her quake around him. He kiss her madly then as if he really wanted to cum for a third time.

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meg said...

up to his old tricks.