Wednesday, December 8, 2010

looking for the light

Draco knew he shouldn't be here. But what the hell, where else was he going to go? It was his village too. Just he tried to run away from it. He thought the best of it was in the city. Only it wasn't. And they were looking for him. Why not hide out in her old great Aunt's house then. It wasn't that she'd know he was in the basement. She never went there.

As luck would have it, he'd finished up the wine and was feeling lucky now. He'd hit the street. See if anything came back to him. After all his brother hated him. He would not be helpful at the moment. He'd filled his bird up with prescription drugs. And now, she might never be the same.

OK, he was a little ashamed. It wasn't that he was trying to get back at his sibling. Exactly. It just worked out that way. He didn't really believe much in faith or fate, but damn it, there on the street outside the old pub was that bloke who had been there when it all went down. He winced hard and sucked on his cigarette a little harder. It was beginning to snow and he was a might under-dressed for such an occasion.

"Well, well..." Draco gave him a grin. "You, Jamie, by chance."

The dark brooding bloke shook his head, no.

Draco offered  him a cigarette.

"I dunno why, you look a Jamie to me." Draco let a grin slip as he lit his cigarette.

"It Freddie." The lean lanky sort hesistated.

"Fred? Is it really?" Draco slightly mocked.

"Afraid so." Freddie sighed as he warmed up to the cigarette. Still there was a shiver about him. Draco liked that about him.

"You cold?" Draco rocked slightly his thick black boots. Boots he kicked bad people with when they wanted his hide.

"I'm fine." Freddie swelled a frown as he looked him at him out of the corner of his eye.

"I doubt that." Draco's grin was sly. They got closer as the wind grew bitter and annoying. "You want to go some place, warmer?"

"Like where?" Freddie winced.

"I know a place. Not that far." Draco shrugged. It wasn't long til Freddie followed him home. They went in the basement door. True, it was a lot warmer there than on the snowy street.

He got a brandy for Fred right away. Both needed to warm up.

"You look like shit." Draco was honestly. Something, had hurt Freddie.

"My shitty friends give me no reason to be nice." Freddie, killed the tiny drink in a shot glass.

"I see." Draco filled it up once more. Freddie took it as if he needed a good drug of some kind so Draco looked around and found a homemade cigarette in a big matchbox under his cot. He sat down then after he lit it and a candle so they wouldn't be in total darkness.

"I'll be nice to you." Draco managed after he inhaled the massive drug he thought he might croak on, but of course he didn't. He patted a seat down next to him. Freddie held on to his drink. They switched vices then. Freddie took a long drag off the cigarette while Draco let the drink burn down his throat. He took a good long look at Freddie then.

Of course, it was Tony he wanted, but Fred would do. His thin lips curled up on the edges as he put the glass aside and reached for the thing just under Fred's zipped jean. It was so tender and warm. His finger tips gently wrapped around its hardness. Next thing, they were kissing, and it was as if they'd forget they were in this dreaded world. But their own. And it was golden.

Pieces of clothes unraveled as they warmed each other up. Draco caressed Freddie's cock. They shared the cigarette a bit clumsy. But it was all smiles. And then the tip of Draco's tongue took in Freddie's mouth and his hand pushed and pulled at his cock.

No questions asked. Draco kissed him harder. Harder. Into oblivion. There skin rested next to each other. Draco smiled in delight. He'd make this bloke forget everything he ever desired with girls.