Saturday, December 11, 2010

every little wish

"Do you think we're too much alike?" Robby was all mellow as he nursed his lager there at a booth in the pub. He sat close to Tony as if they were into each other, but Tony wasn't so sure. Possibly just an act to keep the birds away or some dysfunctional asshole.

"What?" Tony winced hard and he grabbed a couple of more crisp to smash into his mouth. At least they didn't have to talk so then.

"The other day," Robby looked a bit timid as his shoulder touched Tony's. Although, they might have been in sweaters, still Robby's body radiated this comfort that Tony could not ignore. "I swear this old cow, thought I was your cousin."

"So." Tony looked at him wide eyed. There was a wobble to him as if Robby shouldn't press on such an obscure issue.

"But its nasty to think that way. Me. A cousin." Robby scowled. Finally he took another sip as if to put that lager out of its misery.

"Who cares what some old cow might think? Really?" Tony squinted hard.

"Right." Robby's voice was dull. His frown was small.

Tony rolled his eyes and looked away, but then looked back at Robby. "What do you want me to do about it? Fuck off?"

Really, this wasn't exactly a match made in heaven, was it? Tony didn't need this. Especially, from someone who was his mate and lover.

Robby took his hand.

"You don't get it, do you." He whispered in Tony's ear then. Robby's other hand slipped under Tony's shirt. When his finger touched Tony's nipple, it grew hard. "Maybe I want someone almost me." His grin was quick and he slightly bit Tony's tongue when they Frenched. Tony kissed him back harder. Had he not paid him enough attention? Well, he guessed they had a lot of making up to do.


ellie said...

I like how Robby might be a psycho.

תמר said...

hooo i'm so happy that you put another chapter :]]
right more im addict (:

and Jamie campbell bower is perfect :]

ivy's closet said... it!