Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a little burden

Pandora wasn't at all cheery when she found out who was the door. It was Cook.

"Don't open it." She looked at Logan as if she could not go through with this.

"Why not?" He'd been here in her home the last few weeks. They'd made them a nest a good as any family would want. Her mum had been so endearing and loving. It was a pleasant time. Until now.

"I don't want him a part of our future." She shook her head as her pigtails shimmed.

"Christ, he has to know." Logan winced as if the truth would win, no matter what. He let Cook in.

"Who the fuck, are you?" He was a devil as he pressed in to the foyer as if this place was just as well his.

"Logan." Pandora's bloke barely let known. She should have told him how awful it would be, having Cook in their home.

"You have anything to eat, babe?" Cook gave Pandora a quick kiss on the check and felt up her full melon tits. He took a look at that huge round tummy of her. "My God, is that a bun in the oven? Now is it?" He gave her a nasty look, of course.

Pandora only sighed as he walked passed and looked in the fridge for something to nibble on.

Pandora shook her head, as for Logan not to tell. He just gave her a glare.

"Why of course it is. I-I planted it, there." Logan simply explained.

"You're seed?" Cook had a giggled. "Who would have thunk it? Stupid Pandora with a real brain would get knocked up." Cook bit into an apple then. "This your way of keeping out of that prestigious uni of yours?"

"Yes." Pandora was getting woozey. She took a seat on the sofa then and Logan set next to her as if it were his duty.

"You all right?" Logan's fingers intertwined with hers as they held hands.

"I guess." She squinted hard. No, it was pain. A labor pain that swallowed her whole. She was about to crumble. "Make him leave, will you? Please." Pandora begged. She felt a rush of sickness coming over her.

Logan got up then and asked Cook what he was looking for? He'd found a steak in the meat keeper and was heating the stove up to sizzle the fat slice of red meat.

"I think you best be going?" She heard Logan's words.

"What? Aye, I'm famished, you fuckwad! Can't you see!" He was smoking up the kitchen good.

Pandora felt herself gasp as she began to unravel. It was a fierce pain that was going nowhere. Almost orgasmic. Maybe. No. It was harsh. She gritted hard as she struggled to get up. But her knees were wobbly and she was very weak.

Then and thunder of water washed through her and landed on her feet and the dark hard wood floor. She was drenched in the warm liquid.

"ITS THE BABY!" She screamed.

Of course, it was Logan who rushed in, to help her.


lucy and sarah said...

Such excitement!

meg said...

I feel bad for Logan.

molly said...

Poor girl. Poor Logan. Bad Cook.