Monday, December 20, 2010

don't tell

"Did you hear the news?" Emily was quite happy to know that Pandora's baby had finally arrived.

She rested her chin on JJ's chest. He was half asleep in bed. She'd just gotten off her cell with Logan.

"What news?" JJ could barely lift up himself on his elbows. He hadn't exactly been on his meds lately. But they got in a lot of fucking. He was kind of a lazy bum, as of late.

"The baby. Cook's baby girl." She grinned as if it was something like Christmas come early.

"I guess he still doesn't know." JJ said a bit dull.

"Not really. What should it matter? He wouldn't raise it, anyway." Emily still grinned as she kissed him playfully and got under the overs with him.

"But its his sperm." JJ was all sad, though.

"Jesus, he hasn't a clue what to do with his own life. Don't say anything. He'll be ass if he knows. We'll have to celebrate. It'll be disgusting, as usual." Emily pressed herself against him. It wasn't long until he caught on..what she wanted. His cock. So warm in her mouth, but before she let him cum..she was on top.

JJ's eyes lit. Did she want something from him? Really want some thing? He closed his eyes, felt her nails tearing into his chest. His heart beat pulsed so vibrantly. He tucked his pinkie into the edge of her clit. He knew what she liked. It was swell they knew each other so well.


lucy and sarah said...

I wonder what is in store for these 2.

izzy and dev said...

Such a funny couple.