Wednesday, December 22, 2010

just a little bit

"Don't look at me, like that?" Robby was just a little annoyed with Tony. "Where's your Christmas spirit?"

True, they were in Effy's hospital room. He'd decorated. Put little bulbs of light all about her bed as if it might be some sort of shrine for the sleeping beauty.

"We never had much fun in Haiti. It was always work work work, with my parents, you know." Robby really didn't want to explain himself. Couldn't he have a little fun during the holidays. As it was, he felt he was the only one giving back in that family of Tony's. Talk about self-righteous ass holes. His mother drunk on wine. His Dad all angry and a workaholic.

He wouldn't have wished these parents on anyone. He reached for Tony's cheek then. He supposed if anyone was going to do the holidays would have to be him. Yet, a bit of him yearned for Maxxie too. Although, he'd be in some A very Harry Potter Christmas musical playing Draco, of all people.

Tony kissed him back slowly. Robby could tell his mind was elsewhere. Maybe Tony was afraid Effy would wake up and see them Frenching, right there at the bottom of her feet in that very dark and cold hospital room of hers.

Robby then sighed with a smile. Oh, he had an idea where they should be spending Christmas Eve. At the theater, naturally. 


lucy and sarah said...

Or we expecting a maxxie moment soon?

ellie said...

Maxxie as Draco..hehehehee...