Friday, December 31, 2010

before its too late

Tony was torn. Completely. Honestly, why hadn't he come along to see Maxxie himself at the theater. Instead, Robby was right there, holding his hand as if this would be something the two of them would do.

Such memories. Did Maxxie remember? Did he want to? He doubted it. Max was very much in his element on stage. Probably had a thing going with that hairy Harry Potter on stage. Some cute Jewish boy, no doubt. Oh, the envy. It just shocked him that it would consume him so. He gritted hard, through the whole show while Robby was being his silly jovial self. What ever did he see in him? Really?

Oh, in his heart, he knew he still loved Maxxie. But he had this life. A life with Robbie that he could not turn away from. Really, Robby adored him. It was beautiful. Now wasn't it? He had to keep telling himself this. Over and Over.

But he was waiting for a sign. Something to tell him that Maxxie still wanted him. Had he ever wanted him? That was the question. Always there. Nothing said. Just Maxxie's smile. God, it was irritating. Well, maybe he didn't deserve him. Just maybe he didn't.

Still he needed to know. They were meeting up with Max, after the show. Have some coffee are some such shit. Robby clung to him. He had not lost him yet. Would he ever lose him?

A shiver ran through Tony.

He needed to lose Robby quick. Before it was too late.


Yesha said...

Waiting for a sign. Ah. Sometimes it sucks. :|

It's a Girl said...

He should just go by his heart.