Sunday, January 2, 2011

one night only

"It wouldn't be the end of the world, now would it?" Maxxie kept his eye on Darby. "Just this one little thing. That's all I'm asking." The corner of his lip twitched. Really, it was a lot to ask. He really doubted Darby was even gay, but he could play any part, now couldn't he? Max had to put this thing with Robby behind him. Shun him even. What ever it took. He didn't know he'd been messing around with Tony's boyfriend. It really made him sick. And even if Darby was practically his same age, well, he felt as if Darby was quite young so innocent. Maybe it was his height. Even so, Darby always made his mark. He could be funny. So serious and now that look he was giving Max, he was afraid they might never act again. Together.

"Fine." He swelled a frown. "Didn't know you had, mates."

"Yeah, one or two." He never saw his old school mates. That was history now.

"What is it I have to do?" Darby's festered a wince.

"You know, say you love me. Sweet things like that." Maxxie nodded.

Darby nursed his bottom lip.

"I have to say LOVE?" He scowled then as if that would be just too much.

"Jesus, just a one time thing." Maxxie felt like he might get nasty now as they were leaving the show. Well, he looked the part. Darby in that pink hoodie.

"One time only." Darby looked him in the eye. "You sure, about this?"

"Yes." Maxxie tensed. It had to be this way or else. "We'll go out for coffee."

Next thing, it turned into going around the corner to the pub. Maxxie licked his dry lips and put his arm around his petite mate. Really, Darby was more of a girl than he even knew, but Maxxie would certainly not let on about it.

"What if I drink too much?" Darby wasn't certain he could keep in character.

"It might do you some good." Maxxie grinned. Darby was a bitch when it came to running lines and people making it on time. Really, he hadn't any time for socializing.

"Yeah. All right." Darby cracked a smile. Maxxie couldn't help but chuckle. If there was anyone going to mess this late night date up, it would probably be Max.


ellie said...

I love him in the pink hoodie.

meg said...

Him and Maxxie???

ori said...

Can't hardly wait to see how this goes.

It's a Girl said...

wow this should be interesting....dun, dun, dun.