Tuesday, October 12, 2010

that'll do

"Well, hullo, brother?" Draco looked a little shit faced. Tony thought so. He guessed Dez was the one Draco was speaking too. The warehouse was mostly bare. Just cold, kind of fishy smelling. He guessed.

"WHERE'S MY SISTER!" Tony demanded, grabbing the scrawny nemesis... he so wanted to take apart. Naturally, the bloke hit the floor laughing.

"Is this what we came for? Your brother?" Tony looked back at Dez who was his cocky self.

"Yeah." He barely said. "He's demented. Probably has her stashed away in a crate, you know."

"WHAT?" Tony was about to shit himself. Jesus, would his sister ever take a liken to someone without psycho problems? "WHERE IS SHE!" Tony reached for Draco once more. Of course, another shriek of laughter came over Draco.

"She's just for me." Draco told him with a big fat smile.

"What if she's dead. You fool!" Tony squinted hard thinking he might lose it, right here, the smell, the plight. It was all so disgusting.

"She's not dead." He said it as if he did this to all the girls he dated, as if he might be a professional at this.

"God, Dez! Are you gonna do something?" Tony shook his head. If only he'd brought a gun, he might get some answers. It was just he didn't really like carring around anything heavy or obvious. He wasn't exactly a killer.

Dez laid into Draco then. Leaving his brother all bloody and red faced.

"I want my cash." Draco spit out.

Dez rolled his eyes and pulled out the wad of cash he'd asked for. Finally Draco eyed the crates in the corner. He picked up his money. Tony shook his head. He didn't have all day to break into these boxes.


maxxie n tony said...

That Draco is no good, but I kind of like him.

ellie said...


meg said...

Draco is definitely bad news.

ivy said...

That's harsh.

the oaks said...

The fixes they get in.

Keith said...

Draco is something else.

I do like the photo you posted.

better days said...

I do love Robert..ummmm..

ori said...

so tough..right now. & gritty.