Thursday, October 7, 2010

lets get this straight

So, really......

Maxxie wasn't sure what he was getting into with Robby.

Honestly, he hadn't much luck with the lads, as of late. Just didn't have the heart in it. Or the time. Or maybe he still had a thought in his head that maybe it would work with Tony this time. And the peculiar thing was, Robby made him think of Tony.

It was the oddest thing. He thought he'd lost it after going to the pub with Robby. But they drank up. Shot some pool. He was easy to be around. His smile was kind. And well, he did go that extra smile to make Max smile. Before he knew it, they were in the loo kissing. Honestly, Maxxie didn't want to do anymore than that. He just didn't care much for blow jobs in the loo. Just a nasty place in all respects.

"We should go back to my place." Max said after what felt to be bitten a couple of times on the neck. He got the feeling this one was a wild one.

"Yeah, sure." Robby liked that idea.

So they got back to Maxxie's flat which was just an old room in once a boarding house. At least there was a loo and a small fridge and hot plate. Not much, but enough for dancer to get by on.

And it was cozy. Robby's lips so full and sweet on Maxxie's chest. They were so close, and Maxxie felt delightfully warm as if he might be oozing with honey and Robby was there to eat him up.

"Now, how is it, you know Tone, so well?" Maxxie wasn't sure he wanted to go too far with Robby even if they were practically undressed in Max's bed.

"What?" Robby didn't seem to like the question. It was as if Max had cut him in too somehow. They'd been going the distance so long with the touching and the kissing. Why did Maxxie want to stop now. "Classes."

"What kind of classes." Maxxie whispered.

"Why do care?" Robby couldn't help but scowl a bit. He was a bit put off with Maxxie wanting to know now.

"I just do." Maxxie looked at him point blank as he grabbed on to Robby's uber hard on. He could tell Robby didn't really know. Now did he? "Who are you really?" He whispered in Robby's ear.

He could sense how breathless Robby was. He had him right where he wanted. Robby was going no where.


תמר said...

aaaa ! ok i just missed this story so much :]
this is awsome .

and i love when you write about maxxie, do this often :P

Keith said...

It sounds like Maxxie and Robby are having a good time together.

another skin said...

I'm sorry I don't write more..I really should. Thanks for the encouragement.

ellie said...

oh my. yes. yes.

meg said...

oh so sexy.

E.L. said...

always sexy.

ayşegül said...

too sexy and cool :D

good sunday..:))