Friday, October 15, 2010

never quite like it used to be

He got what he came for. Robby needed to leave. Like yesterday. But he hadn't because it was so good with Maxxie. He just wasn't sure how he'd feel if he saw Tony now.  Especially, when all he could think about was Max.

They'd had a couple of rounds, smoking some fun, sexing each other up until laughter lingered, or was that just wanting more of where it all came from. It was a mixed emotion. Actually. He missed Tony. Maybe. At least he tried. But Maxxie was there and it was awesome.

Robby's mobile vibrate. It took him ages to find it under Maxxie's clothes on the floor. As it was, they'd made the last couple of days a home in Maxxie's bed.

It was Tony on Robby's mobile.

"What?" Robby felt a rush of cold inside him. Was it possible that Tony would track him down? He sat there shocked. Listening. Intently. Mainly his heartbeat rang through his ears the most. Perhaps, it was just nerves.

Tony was at the hospital with Effy. Another coma.

Jesus, was this the only way this lass knew bliss? Blasted away on drugs. All the time. Well, this was boring shit to listen too, thought Robby. He had things to do, like fuck Maxxie. Guess, that would be a little much for Tony to contend with at the moment.

"What is it?" Maxxie asked as soon a Robby clicked off.

"Same old shit with Tone." Robby shrugged. "That sis of his, will be the death of him." It sounded like an old after thought. They kissed like playful pups, fell into something warm and inviting. It was possibly a good time for a shower.


ellie said...

I knew it would happen.

better days said...

Poor Tony. Bad Robby.

ayşegül said...

they have never been
quite together :P

get a good weekend..:))

Keith said...

Robby and Maxxie sure are having a good time together.