Thursday, September 30, 2010

time to beat some butts

What the fuck? Dez didn't  know where Tony's sister was. Exactly.

"Draco's got her." Dez told him. "He says she's in safe keeping til I get him the cash." Dez was all laid back. Didn't really care so much for Effy as Tony had hoped.

"What the fuck does that mean? How much?" Tony couldn't tell if Dez was on drugs or not. It was highly unlikely he would get anything out of this loser.

"Never you mind, I'm not paying the buttfuck." Dez gave him a chuckle. "So Effy send for you?" Dez looked Tony over.

"Its just, she's being difficult, as usual. What could this, Draco have done with her?" Tony wanted to know what he was up against. Least he hadn't broken a finger over Dez yet.

"Relax, she's in orbit of some kind, you know. She's fine." Dez didn't seem too worried about her. Tony saw Freddie's scowl then. Really, the place reeked of dirty socks and messed up microwave dinners.

"Look, you twat, you're taking us to my sister. NOW!" Tony grabbed Dez by the neck of his T-shirt. But it was so much harder than Tony anticipated. If only he'd gotten to the gym more. This dude had played some rugby. It would take all the shit in him to give this fuck some pain.

"Shut it," Dez laughed at Tony, pushing him off. "I was gonna take you there sooner or later. Its just we'll probably have to go down to docks. You got any transportation?" Dez got up then and pulled the fat black pistol hidden under his bed.

Tony scowled at Dez with the gun. Really, he didn't want to be that much over his head trying to find Effy.


ellie said...

Tony's a lover not a fighter.

meg said...

oh, no..more trouble.

ayşegül said...

i don't like fight xoxo


Keith said...

I wonder what is going to happen next.