Thursday, September 16, 2010

just part of the reason

Robby was off to investigate. Decided he'd track down this Maxxie, for once and all. Who the fuck was this glorious creature that Tony kept on the back burner. Not that he said his name much. Just in his sleep or that time they were really sloshed and Tony called out his name when he came.

Really, Robby hated this sort of competition. How in the hell would he ever win with Tony if it was going to be like this. Always second best. He wanted to be on top or none at all. That was Robby's feeling on it. And now, here he was at one of he back alleys waiting for Max to come out of a little musical, he was tapping and singing too.

Naturally, the picture he had of Maxxie didn't do him justice. His hair was darker now and he was just in a tracksuit sporting a bit of stubble as if maybe he were trying to grow a beard.

"Aye." Robby was all grins as he came in front of Maxxie, who seemed a bit tired and possibly sad.

"Really, enjoyed your technique." Robby gave him a long lustful look.

"Do I know you?" Maxxie winced as he pulled his backpack further up on his shoulder.

"No." Robby kept hanging on to his smile. "Sorry. I'm new, you know. And, and I was hoping you'd have a coffee with me, or a drink. Whatever." Robby was getting slightly nervous, but he wanted to see what Tony had been missing all this time. Who was really the one for Tony?

"God, I really shouldn't." Maxxie grinned but before he knew it they were at the corner pub having a lager.

"You been in the business long?" Robby looked at his seriously at the bar.

"It seems so, but not really. Been picking up some extra work being a carpenter. Thats how it  works, you know. It keeps me humble And then I get to be in a kiddie show. Its crap, sometimes." Maxxie seemed so comfortable with himself.

"So would you do a play where you'd be nude the entire time, you know, like the French?" Robby couldn't help but wonder what that be like.

"Um, only if Louie Garrel would be in it." Maxxie gave him an open grin. "Really, I'd try it. See if they'd have a go with me."

"Oh, but they would." Robby couldn't help but say. Robby just kept staring. The lager hadn't gone to his head. But Maxxie had. And it was just the start of something. Robby gave Maxxie and open kiss. Wasn't this the best way to get to know the competition?


DFF said... it.

meg said...

this is great.

ivy said...

He would make the first move.

Keith said...

I love how Maxxie mentioned Garrel. I'm a big fan of his.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate it. Take care.

תמר said...

i like them together.
more more :]

ivy said...

hahahhaa..this is getting good.

Em [the writer] said...

So I'm guessing you added a lot of new characters right? Cool.