Thursday, September 2, 2010

don't wait until tomorrow

Freddie decided to go with Tony once he figured out where Effy might be.

"I hope its not too late." Tony sounded miserable. Freddie couldn't say who Tony was doing this for. His sister or his mother. As it was the coppers were no help on the Effy situation. Tony had pleaded with them. In fact, he'd make a damn right good lawyer, someday.

"So that's what you'll do, is it? Work the system?" Freddie winced thinking criminal justice might be the thing to do. Wasn't sure why it sounded plausible, so suddenly. Perhaps it was Manny's doing. He texted back like clock work now when she texted his cell to see if he was OK. It was constant now with her. She really mattered. She was so easy to be with and considerate too. Honestly, he thought Manny made him a better person.

"Dunno, precisely." Tony kept his eye on the road. They were in jolly old London in traffic, no less. "I just want to find my sister, that's all." He was solemn on the occasion. As if he expected the worst. It was just the two them in the economy car. Tony's squeeze had stayed back at the uni. Possibly to pose for him and take his tests.

"Suppose, Rob's got a brain, aye?" Freddie finally smiled.

"Yeah, when he uses it." Tony sighed as if everything wasn't completely rosie between the two.

It began to rain fat drops of water across the windshield.

"Jesus." Tony slight fretted but kept his wits about him as he found a wee little place for his shiny yellow vehicle. He looked at the address once more. "Well, lets hope he's home."

"Do you know what he looks like?" Freddie got out with Tony in the rain.

"He says he a right Michael Cera in his profile on FACEBOOK, but would Effy ever go for a Michael Cera type?" Tony scowled.

Freddie thought it kind of funny even if all his mates teased him that Manny was another Effy. She totally wasn't. Nothing like Effy at all. She had a brain and the wits. She wanted the best for Fred, unlike Effy who would break him down, time and time again. Effy was no team player in the sport of life.

They ran up three flights of stairs then in the raw hallway. It was a shit hole even in a brownstone. It stank too, of cabbage and garlic. They both made faces but onward they went to Dez's.

Tony knocked on the door. It came open. He peered in. Freddie knew he had to have Tony's back, but he was scared shitless. What had Eff got herself into?

"You fuck'n dildo!" They overheard Dez having it out over his cell. His back was turned to them. He was a sturdy looking bloke from behind. Thick shoulders like a footballer. A real athlete. When he turned around, they saw the scratches on his face. What the fuck was going on?

Tony looked at Freddie who looked at him. Really, they didn't want to have their ass kicked, but this Dez was eyeing them as if he had good intentions to stomp their guts out.


ivy's closet said...

This looks like trouble.

ellie said...

I hope they can handle Dez.

meg said...

ooooh my..I wonder whats next.

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, they can take Dez on..if they have too.

Keith said...

Hey there. Thanks for your comment on my last blog post. It was great hearing from you. I hope all is well with you. I'm looking for a new job, plus I'm thinking about going back to college. Take care. Have a wonderful week ahead!