Thursday, August 26, 2010

snug as bug that has to go

Effy could hardly stand to look at the bruises. She and Dez had had a wrestling match. It seemed. Or did he just want to beat her up to making fucking grand?

She was a little dizzy from the drugs. Nothing phased her much. Naturally, they'd found another party in the depth of the city. Underground, at that. She hadn't an inkling where she was. Couldn't remember the taste of fish and chips. It was a blue world, in fact. She might have been underwater. The feel of chlorine burned her eyes, or was that just a pill she'd taken? It was damn hard to focus. God knows, the last time she'd taken a shit. What if she didn't know how. The simplest things had left her. And she was in a sad way. Tony had not come to find her.

Did she still have a phone? Yeah. She thought so. I was just fucking hard to see the numbers, to push the buttons. She'd call Freddie. That's what she'd do as she stumbled through the sounds of silence or was that too much sound? Had it consumed her and she was in her shell. Where was her shell.? Everything was so fucking vague. What the fuck was going on.

"Hey! Sweetheart! Got a light?" She heard his voice. Next thing she knew she was lighting up something with him in the clear light. Muffled sounds all around. They were in the bright lights of the loo. "You're Dez's squeeze, ain't ya?" She could barely decipher his words. It sounded so harsh, like rocks hitting cement.

"Suppose." She shrugged with a wince as she leaned there. The curly-haired bloke sat there looking up at her as if she was fascinating to study. Perhaps she could be his muse and he'd write haute lyrics about her fucking him or some sort of shit like it. Effy grinned at the thought.

"What's so funny? You laughing the way I talk?" He asked.

"NO." She was mournful in her tone, but took another intake of the drug, wrapped up tight and warm. She stared at him, thinking, she had to know him. Had too. But where? "You, Dez's mate?"

"He hasn't the time for me." He told her.

"Who are you?" She couldn't think his name.

"Quite randy, of course." He smiled.

"What?" Was that  averb he mentioned? "You're name?"


"Harry Potter?" She winced. Shouldn't he look more like Tom Felton with a name like that?

"Shut it! On the freak'n Harry Potter. Enough of that kiddie crap, OK?" He made smoke rings then. She enjoyed them as she sat with him. His mouth was quite clever, and he seemed a bit more subdued than Dez.

"Can we go somewhere?" Effy said after awhile. It could have been minutes or an hour or two. People coming in and out every second, but not a sign of Dez.

"Like where?" His eyes so dark and intense. Such beautiful lashes.

"Dunno. Somewhere not here." She shrugged.

He took her hand. They went up the stairwell that went further than she even had energy to go, but he kept holding her hand until they made it to the top. To the chilling roof of the building. It was quiet with the city lit up below.

Effy smiled then.

"What will we do here?" It was like a whole new world.

"We could jump." Draco grinned then.

Effy wondered if they could fly. She hoped it involved flying.


lucy and sarah said...

omg..the fixes she gets into. Draco???hehehe.

jeremy's turn said...

OMG...I hope this doesn't turn out badly.

ivy said...

This has totally got me hooked. Please write more!

cathy. said...

I want to know what happens next! :)

a jacob black tale said...

This doesn't look good.

E.L. said...

What troubles she gets into.

תמר said...

wow O:
more more more =]

meg said...

Can it get any worse???