Saturday, July 31, 2010

going deep

"Well, what do you think?" Cassie was all grins. She'd found Naomi a job  in the mail room where Cassie  worked at a fashion magazine. She edged closer, near the space of Naomi's new work home.

"I think I need a cigarette." Naomi gave Cassie a slight smirk. She could never be sure just what Cassie was drunk on. Was it life or those little pills she kept so handy? Of course, the way Cassie's hand pushed so on Naomi... she wondered if she'd finger her right here. It was as if Cassie had to know if things were jolly with them, or not. Naomi grabbed her hand before she could. True, her dress wasn't much and if Cassie tugged on her thong enough, she would come undone.

Soon enough, they got to the loo. No cigarette needed. Cassie laughed in Naomi's ear while they were in a stall. She knew exactly where her G spot was.

"You're great, you know." Naomi got all breathe as she let Cassie in. She did know how to make Naomi warm and misty. Naomi was certain she didn't have a thing to give back, except to melt on Cassie's finger. A sudden urge to moan came over Naomi. "Why are you doing this to me?" Naomi winced.

"Its fun." Cassie grinned. Simply delightful. Naomi shivered then. "I want you to be more..more than I can be."

"What?" Naomi didn't understand even if she wanted a little bit more of  this with Cassie.

"I need you. I might fall apart, otherwise." Cassie pulled her finger away just then, and Naomi felt as if she'd been left to bleed.

"Oh." Naomi kept staring at Cassie, who just smiled and sucked on the finger she'd been busy with in Naomi's clit.


ellie said...

totally sexed up.

ori said...

soooo unexpected.

ayşegül said...

üff so ınterestıng!

love y my new frıend.xoxo