Thursday, July 22, 2010

not quite a bind

"What are you doing with my mobile?" Tony came back to the flat to fetch it, and there was Robby holding it.

"Don't give me the third degree? You're a mess, lately, luv. What gives?" Robby mustered up an excuse quickly. He hoped Tony hadn't the sense to look for Maxxie's call. He handed it over. It was just luck that Maxxie called when he did. Robby just couldn't help himself from laying the law down with Max. Robby was very protective of Tony. He just didn't want to see him get hurt. After all, someone had to take care of him. His mum was a drunk, and that sister of his made of business of making everyone miserable.

"That Sis of mine, she's really got mum grieving. She hasn't come home yet." Tony sat down as if he might miss class now.

"Don't you know, she'll do as she pleases, luv." Robby sighed sitting on the couch next to him, taking Tony's hand. "How about a quickie?" Robby smiled.

"No, I can't. I'm late as it is." Tony jerked himself up.

"Why did you even come back then?" Robby squinted.

"My mobile." Tony looked at him blankly, but not for long. Robby gave him a good long snog. It didn't take much to side track Tony. Without the drugs lately, the sex was really taking off. And wasn't that what every growing bloke needed?


meg said...

oh wow, Robby knows how to get to him.

ellie said...

someone wants tony!

ivy said...

a lovely situation.

ori said...

Maybe Tony will catch on, but I doubt it.

Keith said...

I guess Robby knows what he's gotta do.

תמר said...

hi !
i just finish read all the story, l-o-v-e it !
i always thout about what will happend i'f cast 1 and cast 2 will meet eachother .. :)

just so you know .. i'm from israel , so your story got to israel to , you should be proud (:

can't wait for the next chpapter !

another skin said...

wow...I'm impressed and thank you so much for reading it too. sorry, I'm the worst editor ever. Cool that the story made it all the way to Israel. I just couldn't help but add Jamie Campbell Bowar & Aaron Johnson to the cast. Honestly, they are SKINS quality at least in my head.

Thanks again.

ivy said...

I hope you write more.