Monday, July 5, 2010

not a moment too soon

What the fuck?

Maxxie had tried on many occasion to get a hold of Tony. Granted, being in the shows limited the times he could call, and what not. But still. He had tried. He really truly tried. Of course, he wasn't so sure he wanted to tell him, Max was in the Shrek musical. Naturally, the cash was sweet and it would give him an excellent rating on his resume, but it wasn't exactly his claim to fame, now was it? What had started off as an understudy was the real deal now. Maxxie was definitely in the shows.

But he so missed the old gang. He missed Tone the most. He was a constant thought, actually. Not a day went by that he wondered what the bloke was doing. Brilliant. He supposed. Was there nothing old Tony, couldn't do? Off to the uni. Making progress, no doubt.

And then Tony called. It made Maxxie smile to hear his voice. Just voice mail. But still. Tony wanted to see him. But how? Would he come to London? Would he come to a show? So much he wanted Tony to remember about him. It felt nostalgic, indeed.

He had some time on his hands while doing his wash in the flat where he stayed with the acting troup. Granted, he felt a stranger here. Still. Everyone into themselves. Genuinely.

But when he rang Tony up, he got someone else.

"Sorry, Tony is occupied at the moment." The male voice said.

Maxxie leaned back at the washing machine. His eyes shot open. He hadn't a clue. Perhaps a wrong number.

"Who is this?" Maxxie winced then.

"Why, Tone's lover of course, Robby." The answer hit a nerve.

"Who the fuck is Robby?" Maxxie spit out before he could stop himself from being his reserved sort.

"You don't know who I am?" Robby slyly laughed. "I just told you."

"Right." Maxxie kept sullen. "Will you tell him I called?"

"Why would I? He doesn't need you. You can't give him what I can." Robby was a royal prick, indeed.

"I'm his-his old friend. He has a right to hear from me!" Maxxie shouted.

"NOT ANYMORE." Robby's words were final. He hung up on Maxxie. His words stung him so deep. What could he do about this? Perhaps this Robby was no good for Tony, at all.


ori said...

OMG. Love it!

Keith said...

I hadn't been to this blog before. I really like it. Great pic of Maxxie.

Cait said...

I feel for Max.

meg said...

I hope tony figures out what Robby is doing.

ivy's closet said...

Maxxie is the best.

lily said...

more please!

Anonymous said...

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