Saturday, June 26, 2010

a break in the lull

Manny made Freddie smile. She didn't even have to try. She could walk in a room, and he felt joy without having to take in some ganja to make him right with the world.

Could it be bliss? Seriously? Honestly, he hadn't had a thought in his head, rolling around about Effy. It was fucking great with Manny. She liked her raves, and she knew how to dress well. And, damn if she didn't remind him of Effy. It killed him a little each time they fucked and he'd thought off Effy. It was so hard not to call out her name. Even Manny's coldness reminded him of Ef.

"I think your fuck'n yourself short, if you say you're over Ef." Cook informed him. "You're not."

"No, no, no, you don't know fuck'n shit,you  twat." Freddie didn't want to speak of Effy. It was over. He'd got word from Em, Ef was with some horny bloke in London, or near there. Who in the hell cared?

"What made you a fuck'n demigod, mate?" Sure enough they got in a shoving match. He knew Cook was a bit off, lately. Hadn't had his Pandy to mess around with. She'd upped and left the village.

"You know she's a real cow now. Carrying, your kiddie and all. See what you've done to her!" Yeah, now he could get ruff. Freddie wanted to be left alone. Why was being Cook's mate more of an enemy than anything else?

"WHAT THE FUCK YOU GOING ON ABOUT!" He got Cook in a rage then. It was a fist then. Next thing Freddie knew he was in the floor with a black eye. It took some barmaids to get Cook off of him.

Freddie squinted hard. He didn't need this shit. Just Mannie. She was all he needed.


ellie said...

sexy naturally.

meg said...

oh my, they never get along.

ivy said...

so touchy.