Monday, May 31, 2010

i don't know how

The first time they kissed, Pandora just stood there like a baby doll who had wet herself. Maybe she really did.

She wasn't expecting it from Logan. Honestly.

'You look lonely, you know." He peered at her behind his wire rims. It was all quite so beautiful. "I don't want you to be."

"I could never be, with you around." It was such a pleasant surprise. Then when he slept with her. It was so much more than she'd ever asked for. He was gentle and not at all like wretched Cook who thought he had the answer for everything when it came to bedtime. Obviously not. Pandora had decided after just one night with Logan. She wanted to stay for good.

"Then you should at least call your mother." Logan shrugged.

"I couldn't." Pandora didn't want to think about her.

"Why not?" Logan had a way of taking care of things as if nothing was unusual to him. He was good at being there and doing his own thing, too. Like his comic book he worked on and the squares he'd provided for some coffee place around the corner. It was like a storyboard. And it was new every week. People came from all around to see it. And he got paid for the art and the story.

In fact, Pandora found it brilliant. Not every Londoner was drunk at the pub and messing on the side with someone. Pandora knew Logan was an original. She didn't want to fuck this up.

"Look, if it would help. I'd come back with you. Tell her, you're with me now. And if it comes down to it, you could say it was mine." He looked at her tummy then.

Pandora sighed, scratching the back of her head. Naturally, the wee one inside her gave her a nudge to do the right thing.

"Oh." It came to her clearly now. "You're saying we could have us a family, is that it?" She was startled.

"Yeah. Of course, if you wish." He gave her a dead stare.

Pandora smiled.

"Does this mean, you love me?" Pandora was afraid she'd forgotten the concept until now.

"Yes." He came around her then and kissed the back of her neck while his fingers rested on her belly. Pandora closed her eyes wishing to never forget this moment. Truly, she wanted bliss, but was it only fleeting?


fan fic said...

I loved the opening to this.

meg said...

Yeah, its so cool and sweet too.

sarah and lucy said...

Love it!

nick and heath said...

I really like the last line.

he and him said...

I think they are my favorites.

simon and josh said...

so great they found each other.

ori said...

This is looking soooo goood.

the oaks said...

one of my favs.