Saturday, May 15, 2010

a song in a story

Freddie laid there still next to Manny in her bed. The room was spinning delightful. He had forgot what they took. But it was magical. She grinned at him. He did the same. He gently let his body go into oblivion. They kissed later. Once they were both used to the bed going around and around. He found such bliss in her lips. The way she touched him. How they could be together. Brilliantly.

"You're beautiful, you know." He thought he told her. She just smiled as they snogged so slowly, like pure honey... they ate from one another. She was such a trip. Or maybe it was tripping with her. Haa, who thought shit like that? He wondered. But it was as if they'd gone back in time and were together and were capable of making a motion picture of some kind in their head ,and everyone would want to watch it. It was dreamy and such a revelation.

"God, I'm falling in love with you." He began to cry. He felt so lost and yet she was there to hold him. He felt so naked now. And he was. And her head leaned on his chest as if he were her body pillow. Next thing he remembered she was on top. And he could see the stars above her. He so loved the view from here. He touched her tits. Admired them with his mouth. This was like a song he didn't want to forget.

He could only hope she didn't turn out to be a witch of some kind, tomorrow.


ellie said...

maybe she won't.

blue hearts said...

so strange and yet not.

gossip girl gone vamps said...

I so liked the title.

meg said...

I just hope he won't call her effy.