Monday, May 10, 2010

like a daze

"You're like a fuck'n Greek Tragedy, you know that, Cook?" JJ had to drag him out before the winches decide to own the fool. At least Cook wasn't fighting back. Really, JJ was becoming to think he was the only normal one here. Thank God, he was good with number and being a clown on the side with his magic show. Really, he was the one making the dough.

"You horrid rat!" JJ  was losing his temper trying to get Cook back home. Finally, they'd made it to the bed. JJ stripped him, wanting to hose him down. Honestly, he reeked of alcohol and bad sex. Honestly, when would this shit stop? "You are no good to me!"

Just then there was a rap at Cook's door. JJ figured he had been too loud and the old woman across the hall would be bickering and he'd have to go and look at her menagerie of ant farms and end up cuddling her until she fell asleep. But as it was, it was Em.
"What is it?" He looked at her.

"Freddie, that bastard." She seethed.

"You screwing around with him these days?" JJ winced.

"Kind of." She plopped down on the couch. JJ went to draw the curtain where Cook was out. "I dunno, me self, these days." She wept in her hands then.

"Emmy, it can't be that bad." JJ put his arm about her.

"I kissed Effy." It was as if that alone had changed the course of her life.

"Shit? You didn't just dream it, now did you?" JJ pushed his fingertips of the strands of hair covering her sad eyes.

"No. We did some things." She was even lipped.

JJ just stared at her wishing he could have been there to watch. At least. He just kept staring. Before he knew it, he was giving her a good snog for comfort. Yeah, that's what it was. In no time he was on top of her. They snogged as if their life depended on it. After awhile it turned into a shag. They shagged with their clothes on.


lily said...

oh..JJ..he's so under-rated.

misty said...

JJ..may be the one to watch.

degrassi after hours said...

I love that opening line of JJ's.