Wednesday, May 19, 2010


"Have I been out, forever?" Naomi wanted to know as she snapped herself up from Cassie's bed.

"Its OK." Cassie was all smiles as she cuddled with her. "You were beautiful."

Yes, it was true. Naomi thought the same of Cassie. It was good with her. Excellent. Actually. But Naomi could hardly breathe now. Her internship.

"Don't worry, I called. Told them you caught something dreadful and they wouldn't want you there. You got an extension." Cassie drew her in. Their bare tits touched.

"Seriously? But how?" Naomi asked, but Cassie shut her up with an open kiss.

"Relax." Cassie made it so easy as her fingers rested on Naomi's ass. They ate at each others lips then. Naomi was going nowhere very fast.


axel said...

wow..those 2!

lily said...

I think they have it bad for each other.

the oaks said...

The last 2 I expected together.

ellie said...

I dunno if I trust Cassie completely.