Sunday, May 23, 2010

dead on

"No, I don't think you should dare try to call Maxxie, again." Robby took Tony's cell away from him. They were back at the Uni now. Robby had persuaded Tony enough to leave Effy, alone. What ever came of her and Dez, so be it.

"But its been ages." Tony's eyes lit just thinking of his old mate. They had so much to catch up on. Now didn't they? What sort of show was he in this time?

"Please, babe, I'm tired of listening about him." Robby was a little whiney on the subject of Maxxie. Maybe he had a good right to be. Tony wasn't so sure about this whole thing with Robby, actually. It was getting wicked.

Especially the cigarette burn was fresh in Tony's palm. He squeezed his hand not to think on it.

"Do you think we're too much alike?" Tony winced then.

"What?" Robby squinted hard. "No, of course, not, we're not anything a like. You know, you need me. I know what you need."

Tony's face tensed. He felt like the begger now. Not the man with the plan. Tony just nodded.

"I think I need a walk." He needed to slip away. The park perhaps. He just needed to be sly, at least. He needed his Maxxie. He needed him now. "I won't be long. Honestly."

"Then I'll keep your mobile." Robby shot him a look.

"Are you serious?" Tony shivered slightly, wondering who was the damn psycho now. He gave Robby a dreadful look, but Robby kissed him anyway as if it would be a start to keep him there. And it was, as Robby pushed him against the wall. It was a might shove as Robby pulled a kiss from him. His hands found exactly how to keep Tony in place. Second by second, Tony felt himself letting Robby take him down like a little lamb. They were lovers, after all.


ellie said...

Robby's a bit think??

meg said...

Robby could be more trouble than Tony knows.

he and him said...

Now who's the control freak????