Thursday, May 27, 2010

just doomed

Effy dreamed of Freddie in color. They were laying in a field of daisies and he smiled at her, telling her he'd never forget her. Then he went up in smoke.

She was so cold. Yet woke in a sweat. She shot up from Dez's messy bed. A part of her felt like a hostage here.

"Babe, I made pancakes." He'd rolled a few joints too. All laid out on his little metal kitchen table. It was just a wee place packed with chemicals and books.

"You cook?" That was odd. She guessed. Maybe she didn't know these little ordinary things about him. She knew he liked to drink, fuck, smoke some and fuck, of course, even more. When did he find time for pancakes?

"I really should get home." She'd decided.

"Home, you are home, babe." Those innocent eyes. Damn, he wasn't all randy on her, half the time. Now he was just a sweet faced boy who wanted to kiss her and feed her pancakes.

"Dez, I can't stay. I honestly shouldn't. I've got Pandora to think of." She got herself up and struggled in her wobbly long legs. It had been days since she'd really eaten anything.

"Pandy, pandy, pandy." His voice pestered. "Just give it up on that one. She's a lost cause." His eyes lit.

"She's my best friend, you prat." Effy scowled.

"Well, if she's your bestie and all, where the fuck is she, aye?" He squinted bringing her pancakes drenched in syrup.

Effy just shrugged and ate. She noticed he was building a bomb then and placing it in a book.

"I have an overdue at the library." He laughed slightly then. "Won't they be fucked."

She heard his real shrill laugh for the first time then. Seriously, Dez had issues she hadn't a clue about.


meg said...

oh kind of scary.

ellie said...

oh oh Effy.

misty said...

so interesting.

he and him said...

hard to say if he's good or bad, still.