Sunday, March 28, 2010

where nobody knows

I’m runnin’, on northeast stream, get to the ocean ‘fore I run too low.
I’m runnin’, on northeast stream, get to the ocean ‘fore I run too low,
Get to the ocean 'fore I run too low-seawolf

Effy could feel it in her veins. She belonged here at the party. Funny, she thought she was still on the bus. What the fuck happened?

Right, she'd Frenched Dez and he gave her a little something to make her happy, and all the colors were coming together, and it was such a fine pink haze. Was she missing something?

It was a party. Some flat, far away. Might not have been that far. So many lights. In the dark. They made her smile like everyone was waiting for her. And she spun around and around with Dez.

"Yummy." Was that what she said? No, it was some thought provoking conversation of some sort, but that about summed it up.

He grinned to and he kissed her so sweetly as if they belonged together while the party raged on. She'd move on. Move on. It was so lovely. Loud. But fucking brilliant, no less. Everyone stumbling around, bumping hard into each other, to dance. She smoked Dez's cigarette for awhile. Funny how you could get to know someone in the quiet. She thought.

But something was missing? But what?


elliestories said... Effy for sure.

Stephany Reyes said...

thanks for your coment!!
Who is he? y very handsome!!:)
I follow you! xoxo

fan fic said... sexy.

ellie said...

I would have said yummy too...=D

meg said...

He's something for sure!

Stephany Reyes said...

He is fantastic...I want one as he!:)

elliestories said...

she's got a haute one now.

lily said...

What a pair.

blue hearts said...

of course, I do like him much more than Cook.