Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Pandora knew it was coming. It was about to arrive. She'd be on her own for good in just 10 seconds. She saw the Adam Ant misfit before Effy did. And he was outrageously gorgeous.

Pandora squinted hard as she saw him coming near Effy with a cigarette twitching in the corner of his mouth. He was ready for a good time, but Effy was being lazy. Not at all herself.

"Whats a bird like you doing with a cow like her." He plopped down across from them. He was talking to Effy, of course. They'd taken the bus once they hopped off the train.

"Do you have to be so shitty?" Pandora gave him an even lipped glare.

"Yeah, I'm like that. Are you a cocksucker, perhaps?" He shot a look Pandora's way then.

"Effy." Pandora nudged.

"Effy!" The bloke laughed so hard then as if he'd figured it out, already. As if Effy was an old school mate he hadn't seen in sometime. "Shit! It's fuck'n you! Now isn't it!" He got up and gave Effy a shake. Pandora had no idea if Effy knew this wanker or not.