Thursday, April 1, 2010

could it make anymore sense

"What? Where are you?" Tony squinted hard. He'd just tried to call Sid, but the number wasn't in service. Effy called just as he clicked off from the message about Sid.

Robby looked at him puzzled as if he needed to get off the phone so they could have some fun of their own. It was going on close to mid-night.

"I'm in London, and-and I've lost Pandora." His little sis was crying so, he could hardly make out her words.

"Are you serious? You lost her, how?" Tony sighed looking at Rob.

"What? What's going on." Robby slightly scowled as he kept his unbuttoned shirt on as if they might need to leave.

"Dunno, really." She sputtered.

"For fuck's sake, Ef, you're as much of a loon as she is." Tony shook his head. "Well, call the police, will ya? What the fuck do you want from me?"

"Dunno. Just-just stay on the line with me." Of course, the line went dead after that.

"Jesus!" Tony punch buttons. He supposed her phone went dead. His was still going strong.

"Whats the slapper gotten herself into now?" Robby gave him a dead stare.

"The usual, what do you think?" Tony looked at him.

"Suppose you want to go and find her?" Robby slightly winced.

"Not really." Tony shrugged. "I can't be there for her, ever blessed time. Besides, she wanted to fuck you."

Robby just smiled. His hand rested on Tony's shoulder while his other hand unzipped Tony's pants.

"Obviously, something is happy to see me." Robby's lips touched Tony's then. They Frenched longingly. There was definitely nothing idle about Robby's hand. Who cared about anything else.


ellie said...

I love them together!

lily said...

Well, arent' they busy.

elliestories said...

so funny.

elliestories said...

so funny.

the oaks said...

Obviously, they are happy to be together.