Friday, March 12, 2010

what's a girl gotta do

Effy felt so torn.

When she saw Robby with her brother, she knew he loved him. She knew. It was so easy to see. The sad look in his eye. The way he embraced him. She'd never seen anything quite like it in a very long time. She hated the fact she didn't have it. She couldn't give it either. It was as if she were stuck in her life just going through the fuck of it.

Really, she wasn't so sure if she felt anything for Freddie anymore. She hadn't planned for it to turn out that way. She really thought this was different this time. It was. It had been and then suddenly, it lost its luster.

"Effy, what's happened to you?" Freddie called to her at the top of the stairwell.

"What's happened to you." She scowled. He'd been snogging Tony. Of all people, what had gotten into him?

"Don't you go questioning me!" He came running up the stairs then, but she hurried to her room and locked the door behind her.

"GO AWAY!" She screamed out.

"Why, so you can be the cold heartless bitch you've always been!" He beat on the door.

Tears swelled up in Effy's eyes. Was it true? Was she heartless? She dressed quickly. She was getting out of here quickly. But she had no idea where she might go.


the oaks said...

hahaha...well, Freddie at least said what was on his mind.

heath and nick said...

oh no..not a fight.