Sunday, March 14, 2010

if that isn't enough

Pandora got the brew started for Effy. Really, she thought Effy was making to much out of the Freddie situation.

"Really, you have no idea of your luck, you don't." Pandora found herself saying. As it was, she wasn't lucky in the least. She felt like a stuffed pig, herself. And no doubt it would be a piggy she'd have, as well. Really, there was so much to discuss with Mum. Even Cook. She hadn't even the energy to do it.

She could wait for that moment....SO YOU"RE HAVING A BABY!

Naturally, Effy was full of sniffles.

"But I'm heartless! Its true!" She confessed with her tear stained face, dripping in black mascare.

"I don't believe you." Pandora brought her hot tea with milk and sugar.

"He has a point." Effy cleared her throat with a cough.

"I bet he does too." Pandora smiled. Finally, Effy got the joke and cracked up. She had made Effy smile.

"You'll find a way to get him back. He loves you." Pandora wiped Effy's tears away with a tea towel.

"I dunno." Effy looked up at her. "Tony brought home a bloke."

"How is Tone?" Pandora wouldn't say it, but she'd always had a crush on him. Wasn't that she expected anything of it, but just the same, she'd love to see his look now.

"The same." Effy shrugged.

"That's good, I suppose." Pandora shrugged then as she got the leftover crisps from her desk to share with Effy.

"God! I forgot to even ask how you've been feeling." Effy wiped the sleeve of her shirt across her nose.

"The same."

"Lets take the train to London." Effy looked at her wide-eyed. "We gotta get out of this one horse town."

Pandora liked that idea.


fan fic said...

effy can be sweet.

Ivyoaks said...

she can be a good friend.