Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a little like repeat

Wasn't Freddie special to Effy? It made it all the more good to get to know him, so carefully, or was that carelessly? It was hard to choose for Tony because, well, somethings just made it all the more spectacular. How long had he waited to want to do one of Effy's blokes. Well, most were rather unsavory. Spence was a dog and that Cook. Just left a bitter taste in Tony's mouth. Only Freddie, he was exotic, sweet yet so charming and something quite fresh about him. Yes, Freddie would do.

He didn't have to think with him. It was after all, a one off, now wasn't it? Just some fun. Tony could stop thinking about Maxxie for a bit. And it was fun to get lost in someone else. Even on his mother's couch.

"What the fuck! Tony!" The last person he thought he'd hear a word from was Robby. But suddenly he was in a shouting match that echoed through the walls.

Tony cracked up, thinking this was the most funny thing he'd ever witnessed.

"Who do you think you are?" Robby winced. He was in complete disgust to find the two. "I've waited like months with a chance with you and..and you just-"

"What?" Tony squinted, completely unaware that he meant anything to Robby, but he had the poor bloke in tears. He let go of Freddie who wasn't quite completely undressed. He supposed he had to go to Robby. Sort this out. "You can't spring this on me now?"

"I've tried, forever, you arse wipe." Robby bit back tears.

"Come on, no you haven't." Tony looked at him seriously.

"I'm in love with you. And you don't even care if your sister's fucking me." Robby scrunched a frown.

"She fucks everyone." Tony said with shrug.

"Evidently, you do to. Just not the ones who love you." Robby seriously looked at him.

That news hit Tony dead on. Now he was in a bad way. His face flooded with tears. Robby hugged him as if they might belong together, after all.


simon and josh said...

aw..yeah, lets hope he cares about Robby.

cass and cady said...

hmmm...well, I'm glad Robby told him.

Ivyoaks said...

I'm glad they got that straightened out.