Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tony and Robby

Well, it was a fine time for Tony to show up with someone pretty. Outrageously so, thought Effy, even if she couldn't show her delight.

Tony finally shown his face after all this time. He was off at college while Effy had had to rough it out with her Mum and Dad's divorce. She hated him for it. She truly did, and yet she couldn't resist hugging him, remembering what she'd been through with him. She hated not to be happy, and yet she remained even lipped as she wanted to take a part everything about Robby. Just to see what was in the package.

A sly grin rose to the occasion as she watched her Mum make over good old Tone while Effy couldn't take her eyes off this new bloke.

"Robby's in a band." Tony told them.

"Well, what the fuck is he doing here then? Done anything special?" Effy glared at him. Naturally, Tony winced as if she had no business saying anything to the bloke.

"His band went to Haiti to help out with the kiddies. He does good deeds, sis."  Tony shrugged like his old self as he talked of Robby as if he weren't even there.

"Tone, no need to go on like I'm a super hero. It was just something I had to do." Robby gave way a silly grin. "I grew up there, actually, me Mom and Dad had a clinic, you see."

"But you're a rock'n roller?" Effy's eyes lit. She'd do him right here. She could hardly stand it. Freddie wouldn't have to know.

Robby found that to be a riot, evidently. "Please, don't call me that." He laughed so sweetly that it got off with Effy just a bit.

Effy's mom started a brew and dug out every sweet possible she could find. Naturally, the place was full of booze, but she did her best to hide it. Effy uncovered the treats she'd made, lovely chocolate cupcakes. Something special was inside. They'd find out soon enough...just what it was.