Thursday, March 4, 2010

exactly that

"Jesus," Tony let out a groan. He should have expected it, to say the least. What  a fine time it was to have his little sister pull one of her tricks on them all. She thought this was a fucking party evidently.

Naturally, he and Robby had to put his mum to bed. Of course, things were just getting started. Soon enough, Effy had Robby up in her room just as she'd like it. He assumed. There was no way to change her. And yet, he felt more alone than ever before. Things had changed so drastically. No comical relief with Dad around the family table. Sid was long gone. As everyone else. He couldn't bare to think what Michelle might be doing now. Doing anyone but him. No doubt.

Actually, the only one who really mattered to Tony still..was Maxxie. Sure, he always said he loved Sid best. But that was as a mate. It was different with Maxxie. So much he'd wanted to figure out with him but never had a chance.

So Tony called his Mum and got his new number. Evidently, loads of good things was happening to the bloke. Possibly, he couldn't even get through. And when he did, he wasn't sure what to say to one of his favorite mates.

"How are you?" Stupid question he knew. He just didn't know what else to say.

"Tony, is that you?" Maxxie sounded shocked.

"Yeah, its me." Tony felt his heart beat thump so hard. He wasn't even sure he could decipher anything Maxxie could say.

"Its been a long time, mate." Maxxie sighed.

"Yeah, I know, I just been busy, and you."

"Yeah, busy." He sounded almost a bit down.

"Well, you are part of the shows, right?" Tony had to act interested. He was interested.

"Yeah, I suppose, mostly kiddie shit. Children's theater." He sounded heart broken to tell him the truth.

"Hey, you got to start somewhere." Tony couldn't think of anything more positive to say.

"Yeah, so I heard. I'm not a sensation, Tone." He heard the restlessness in Maxxie's voice. It was sad. Tony wanted to think of that irresistable smile he knew of Maxxie's. It was so contagious.

"I miss you." Tears came to Tony's eyes.

"Hey, I'm sure you're doing great, Tone." Maxxie said so encouraging.

"But I'm not, Maxxie. Not with out you." He finally confessed. Tony thought he might pass out then. He couldn't believe he actually said it.

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I loved this one.