Sunday, February 28, 2010

here it comes

"Just where do you plan to go?" JJ asked Cook later. In bed, down in the basement of the pub where Cook was staying at the moment. It was once a closet by the boiler room. Honestly, it wasn't much with a slim bed and a naked light up above. But JJ supposed one didn't need that much to call home when they were single.

"No where, you fuck'n ass." Cook just laughed as he wrapped himself JJ.

"So? Is this what you-"

"Don't get whiney on me now." Cook looked at him cross. "Got get a piece of ass, somewhere, now don't I."

JJ just winced. Really, he should have seen it coming, but he'd been dreaming up something big of magical proportions and it wasn't having Cook's cock in his ass. JJ bit a grin. What were mates for? And it wasn't that he dispised it, actually. It was just different. He supposed. Very different. Sort of like having someone hammer nails into your private parts. It made him so prickly and quiet. It was deafening indeed. He didn't know why it was like that. Exactly.

JJ pressed his lips hard. He guess he could take that job crunching number. Perhaps it would get them both out of this hell hole.


ellie said...

jj & cook...naturally.

the oaks said...

Cook always gets his way.

simon and josh said...

wow..cook does have his needs.