Monday, March 8, 2010

going under

Freddie felt out in the cold as of late. Ever since there little digression with Emily. It had started out so wickedly funny. Well, Freddie had had a laugh over Effy and Em snogging. It was a might silly, but then it got right sexy, and he got a woodie. He just wanted to jack off. But one thing lead to another.

Shit, for a lesbian, Em was right good with hard ons. It was a shock that sent sensations through him. He'd never been in a threesome before. Granted, he was a bit high and all, but hell, he remembered everything bloody brilliant.

"Bugger!" He was mad at himself now. Effy was being her cold self. As if none of it had ever really happen. He was suppose to keep it tucked away like a dream now. Well, how was he gonna go back? Huh? The way it was suppose to be. Damn, it was as if someone was keeping his penis under lock and key, and he was aching for both of them now.

Naturally, he'd got on his skate board to think it out. Just what was it about Em, anyway, huh? Was it the idea of her being a clone of Katie and the idea that she could love Effy just as much as he did. He wanted things to be simple, but now they were more complicated than ever.

He was taking his chances. He went to Effy's. But her brother let him. Tony.

"I don't believe we've met." Tony's stunning blue eyes met Freddie's. "Trouble in paradise?" Tony gave him a sly grin.

"What makes you say that?" Freddie wondered if Tony could read him like a book.

"Cause, my sis, if fucking my roommate, right now." Tony almost laughed.

Freddie's brow furrowed. "What?" Freddie winced.

"You should have expected it." Tony grinned.

Freddie thought he might come undone. He looked up the stairs, but Tony's hand came around the side of Freddie's face and drew him in. They kissed as if this is what they always did during these circumstances. Tony's tongue slid across his as if Freddie didn't know it, but it might be the best kiss he ever had. He'd just have to savor it.

"Look, we could pull her chain some," Tony grinned so impishly. Freddie looked at him, a bit startled. He kissed him back then as if he might be up for it.


cait said...

freddie & surreal.

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now thats interesting.

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quite interesting!