Saturday, March 6, 2010

bitter yet sweet

Robby was gorgeous. Effy couldn't help but smile all over. It was fun to play with him in her room. He was smiling to. She couldn't help but want to play rough. She liked it that way.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He finally asked after they rammed into a wall.

"What?" She was hurt that he felt that way about her actions. She'd wrapped her legs tightly around his bare buttocks. Wasn't this what boys liked? Of course she thought how Cook always was. Always ahead of the game. Rushing through every second like a damn football game.

"Maybe you should take up yoga." He gave her a sly grin as he laid her back in bed.

"Yoga?" She scowled.

"Find your inner peace." He looked at her seriously. But he kissed her before she could think too much about it. Evidently, he liked it more slowly. His stamina was a whole new level as to what she'd known when it came to these sort of games. Yet she felt the need to test him.

"What about you and my brother?" She had to know before she got wrapped up in the texture of his sweet skin. Honest to God, she could picture him naked on the be beach. There were no tan likes.

"Of course, I adore him." He smiled a bit. "But he can't seem to get someone out of his mind. Not that I haven't tried."

Effy just looked up at his face as they twisted and turned slowly and gracefully into each other. It was rather satisfying to be here with Robby. And the thought that Tony was in some sort of turmoil.


theoaks said...

hahaha..I liked Robby's lines.

fan fic said...

hmmm...he's hawt!

elliestories said...

hahaha..hmm..I like him.