Monday, March 22, 2010

a bit of a hunger

Was he for real? Emily thought she might squeal in delight.

How could she have let Freddie find her wonder spot like that? It was a secret, wasn't it?

She closed her eye trying to think hard what Noami looked like. She was forgetting. She didn't want to. But the sensations were stirring up her spin and across her belly. She felt the pressure of Freddie's tongue and his thick hair edging between her thighs.

Shit. It was him. Him alone that she sensed. No one else. A part of her felt so ashamed, and she was deliriously happy.

Her breath quickened. So did her heart beat. She wanted him. She did. It was all so lovely and dreamy and not so stupid as she remembered with JJ. And she sensed that he knew too, that it was brilliant. She let go what felt to be a million pieces of herself into the universe.

Yet she had to brace herself for the next step. It was more than she thought possible. His hands pulled around her thighs then, and it was happening. So unexpected. Pressing. Pushing. Amazingly. Fucking.