Thursday, February 18, 2010

what do you think without me

When Emily got home she saw the letter in the stack of mail that her mum had brought in. It was from Naomi. Finally.

Emily smiled all over as she hurried up to her room to read it in private. On the way up, she saw Thomas coming down the stairs. There eyes caught in a dead stare. But she said nothing. She was holding her breath for no reason, she supposed. But she'd act as if he weren't there since there were more important things to think about. Her letter from Naomi.

Dearest Em,

How are you, Babe? Its lonesome, without you. Honest to god, its the truth. Never thought I'd miss you so much, but I have. And I hope you missed me, too. I miss tea in bed in the morning, when we had those lovely talks when we were naked, and we thought about how it might be if we ever made a shit load of cash and got our own place. Is that still possible?

I've gone to the states, for a bit. Yeah, I know, I should have called. But it came up rather fast. The opportunity. Fashion, you know, its hardly my fortay. This uber rich designer kicked the bucket, and honestly, I had no idea who in the fuck he was. All these skinny bitches looking at me, like I was a total shit. So yeah, it sucks. But what the fuck, I'm getting college credit and paid, so yeah, I'm a working bitch these days. Who would have thunk it? Well, you know, if you want to see the world, you gotta pay for it, one way or another.

Don't mean to leave you in so much pain. I miss you loads, Babe. I do. Truly, you do make me happy, but I'm doing all this for us. It'll pay off. It will. You are the one. Always will be. Tell me, you miss me too.

Much love, my lovely.....



Emily melted into tears. Never in a million years would she think Naomi would go to the states.