Tuesday, February 16, 2010

brilliantly so

"Should I talk to Cook?" Freddie looked down at Effy, as she was tucked under his arm ,so cozy. Everything seemed beautiful lately, no matter how cold it might get. They had each other to keep warm. But now it was a bit troublesome. The thought that things were just not right with Pandora.

"No. Don't even think it. The less he knows the better. He'll go ape shit, if he knows there's a babe on the way." She didn't want anyone speaking of him or to him.

"All right." He understood that completely. Cook would think that cock of his was gold now if he knew of it. But it was hard to keep a secret like that from his mates.

"I think you should stay clear of them. We have our own little world, you know." Effy smiled dreamily as if she were high on something, already. Freddie gave her his stoner smile. Yeah, she was right. He hated being invaded by Cook. Although JJ was a different story.

"Emily, is the only right one in the head, you know." Effy bit a finger nail then.

"Uh, huh?" They walked back to her place. No one was home. It was great to be in her room with her. Undressing slowly, being with each other. No qualms. Nothing to butcher it to bits. A very calm moment that left Freddie more sleepy. He felt to be in a deep sleep with Effy these days.

"Am I boring you?" He asked later. Afterwards, when they were sharing a smoke, their skin still touching close.

"Why do you ask such silly shit?" Effy just smiled.

"Well, other night," Freddie looked at all of her, thinking she was still a complete mystery to him. He cleared his throat. "I dreamed you were Hermione in a stupid Harry Potter movie." He grinned as if he were reliving all of it. "And...and you were getting it on with Harry Potter, himself. You liked his wand."

"I bet I did." Now she laughed. "What is this about?"

"I dunno, I just don't have too many tricks up my sleeve, you know." He had his arm around her and he looked at her seriously as she blew smoke to the ceiling. "I just want to keep you happy. I do." He said with all sincerity.

She kissed him deeply then as if he hadn't to worry of it. Afer all, they were together now.


ellie said...

hmmm..Harry Potter..she'd be great in a Harry Potter movie.

elliestories said...

well, i'm glad they are together.

the oaks said...

I would leave cook alond..completely. She really could and should be in a Harry Potter movie.

ivy's closet said...

I do wonder what you'll do with Cook in this story.