Saturday, February 20, 2010

up in the air

"Hush, don't be a bitter pill, about it." Effy was serious as she lit up a smoke to intoxicate her and Emily. Freddie had his own. They had managed to get to the empty barn, bringing all sorts of crisps and the like for an uber stone party. "It was just a letter, Em."

Emily, did her best to hush up the crying. She took a drag off the homemade cigarette. She finally managed to smile.

"To bad the whole gang isn't here." Freddie looked to be in another world, already.

"Don't you dare mention those brats, JJ and Cook." Effy looked angry as she glared back at Freddie.

"I'm just saying, I need new mates, you know." Freddie shrugged, hugging himself.

"Yeah, of course you do. Cook is the biggest fuck, of all. But its all you got." Effy snapped with a push then.

"Maybe Cook has changed, you know." Emily puffed on the cigarette more as if she really needed it, badly.

"Huh, I haven't seen him ages." Freddie looked sad about it.

"Yeah, and you blame me, now don't you!" Effy was getting moody. This shit was suppose to make her mellow, but it hadn't, as of yet.

"Did I say that?" Freddie winced, not wanting a fight, she guessed.

Effy gave him a small bitter frown. She looked at Emily then across the camp fire. Emily continued to smoke. Effy looked at Freddie, thinking it must be her, who was boring him. Not the other way around.

She got closer to Emily then as if Freddie wouldn't notice. She took the cigarette from her and took a good long drag off of it and then threw it in to the fire. She kissed Emily as hard as she could.


Cait said...

Effy just can't help to be bad, I guess.

elliestories said...

oh, boy..what could this mean?

fan fic said...

wow, looks like trouble.