Monday, February 22, 2010

how to be happy

Cook was bluer than blue these days. School wasn't for this misfit. He'd never make anything of himself, just like they said. Naturally, an old uncle had put him behind the bar down at the pub.

"That'll learn you." He'd called him squirt too. Regular blokes had to earn their keep. None of this shitty mob life.

Except, he didn't feel he was making his way with anything. No one would hardly touch his cock anymore, and well, he couldn't pay for it. Hadn't the cash. This meant he had to behave himself at the pub. He just couldn't.

"What am I gonna do, JJ?" His one and truly mate he had left. Wasn't a cunt in the village who'd have anything to do with him, as of late.

"I think its a good time for you to leave." JJ was all matter of fact. As if he'd seen it in the stars or something.

"Are you shit'n me?" Cook gave him an ugly scowl. Naturally, he was told to mind his manners. This was a damn drinking establishment.

"No, if you would read a good magazine, ever great once in while, you'd see it was true. Want to change your life, you need a change. To make a change, get up and go. Quite simple, actually." JJ looked at him as if Cook was looking at his happier self.

"Shit!" Cook grinned. "You could be right!" And he kissed him just like footballers did when they were true to their mates.

"Am I?" Naturally, JJ's pretty blue eyes were dumb founded as he sat there staring back at his best mate. Cook just gave him a bit of a piggy snort and went back to work.

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ellie said...

a change..wonder what that will be?