Friday, February 12, 2010

so it goes

It was still a bit nippy out. Emily was afraid Pandora would catch cold. Actually. She was in the barest of shirts and a skirt that barely covered her nickers.

"Its OK, I'm hot all the time, now." Pandora shrugged.

"What?" Emily squinted. Emily was afraid to talk about it. Truly, everyone should have seen it coming. "Have you been to a doctor, at least?"

Pandora shook her head, no as she braced the cold winds as they walked the cobble streets. Clouds were moving in, it looked like flurries, perhaps.


"I dunno. I want it to go away." She looked at Emily so sad.

"I think an abortion is order, you know. Its Cooks' bun in the oven there, isn't it?" Emily made a face.

"That would be wrong, I could never forgive myself, you know." Pandora was so solemn these days.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Sorry, but its Cook's baby." She reminded her as she put her hand on her shoulder.

Pandora only shrugged. Emily noticed how chapped her lips were getting.She reached for her chapstick to help. "Here, the lippy would help. And for Gods sakes, you need something more than this to wear."

They were going thrifting. Emily headed her into her favorite shop. There were lots of frilly things about. A yellow babydoll dress with little daisies at the neck.

"Come on, try it on." Emily grabbed it from the window. She found some white stockings with yellow butterflies. "You'll feel beautiful."

"But it won't fit." Pandora sighed and was acting more like a tired panda than anything at the moment. She ungracefully went to the dressing room. While she was changing, Freddie and Effy came in with matching T-shirts saying DON"T EAT MEAT.

"You're becoming twins," Emily giggled when she saw them. Naturally, Effy said nothing but held on to Freddie's hand. They'd been so quiet, lately. So in love. It truly looked to be the real deal with those two. But Effy wasn't saying and Freddie was just being patience.

"You got any of the good stuff?" Emily subtly remarked.

Freddie looked at Effy.

"Why don't we hang out together in barn down Lincoln road, later." Effy mentioned.

"Great, I'd love it." Emily smiled so sincerely.

"Will Pandora, join us?" Effy looked at Emily seriously.

"Doubt it." Emily sighed.

Effy just nodded as Freddie had found a pin stripped fedora to try on. She clung to his waist then and they whispered sweet things to each other, Emily supposed.

About then, Pandora popped out of the dressing room. The dress wouldn't zip up, and she'd busted her foot out of the stockenings.


Cait said...

yikes, for Pandora!

the oaks said...

Emily is so caring.

fan fic said...

effy and freddie seem happy.

ellie said...

I feel sad for Pandora.