Sunday, February 14, 2010

it gets to me

Katie could hardly wait to see him. It was amazing to be in his arms, again. She loved his sweet accent too. She had to have her hunk of Congo.

"Oh, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas." Katie sang softly in bed. Feeling his lips on her neck, her breasts, her belly, going lower, lower. There. Yes, he had quite the magic touch indeed.

Honestly, they could have violated each other all afternoon. But her mum came home on the dot at 5:15.

She loved having his hands on her and how he made her feel so warm and woozy. He was the drug. Best lover she ever had, and she didn't even have to tell him.

"We should go out, some time." Thomas finally said as he was getting dressed.

"And miss this?" Katie just smiled. She liked keeping a secret or two from her sister. Why spoil it now?

"But I'm in love with you." He said quite innocently or was he brave? She wasn't sure. She loved hearing him say the words.

"It would get messy with our mates, you know." Katie tried to be sad about it as she took his hand, wishing he'd touch all of her, all over again.

"Dunno, if I can keep this up much longer." Thomas looked at her seriously.

"Please, you know I'm worth it." She gave him a naughty look then.

"Perhaps." He sat back down on the bed and gave her one deep kiss that could have last an hour if only he'd let it. "Be good to your sister now, will you? Pandy, too."

Katie's mouth twitched in the corners as she stared at him with lust.

"I'll try."

With one more kiss, Thomas left.


the oaks said...

oh boy! connections are being made. Sweet.

ellie said...

ohhh lalah..hahaaa..

fan fic said...

He so deserves better than Katie!

Cait said...

Looks like someone is having her way!