Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a gloat and a plea

"Panzy, you're getting fat." Katie remarked, noting she was not her friend. She would never be her friend. Never in a million years so since no on else would say.... She'd do it.

"Katie! How could you!" Naturally, Emily was to Pandora's defense. Of course, they'd have to spend all their time together with Naomi out of the picture at the moment. Her sister couldn't stand to be by herself for one second as far as Katie was concerned.

"Well, its true, she's a fat cow. Getting bigger by the minutes." Katie looked at her true reflection across her messy bedroom.

Emily's eyes just glared at her while Pandora who was stretched out on the bed, reading a teen magazine that would be no help to her. She was an idiot as far as Katie was concerned.

"Katie! Please." Emily hugged herself. "We need to be here for support. She wants Thomas back, you know."

"Well, she won't get it in that stupid mag." Katie tore it from Pandora then who gave her a dense look. Katie swore the lass must be drunk on life or something.

"Are you mad?" Emily winced at Katie then.

"Why yes, I am, you fucking ninny, can't you girls do anything but hang around here!" Katie glared right back.

"Can't you just leave!" Emily screamed right back.

"You two disgust me!" Katie gave her a scowl.

"Pandora and I need to be alone!" Emily clinched her fist ready for an all girl first fight if needed.

"For what! A bit of finger fuck going on, is it?" Katie snarled.

"Katie! I don't want to listen you! Just go!"

"You go!"

Katie smiled knowing Emily had lost this one.

"Come on, let go to the park." Emily was in a huff.

"Get out there and get some exercise, you heifer!" Katie barked. Atlas they were gone. She never thought they'd leave so she could have some quality time to herself.


Jared said...

Ah, generation two. Do you prefer them over generation one? I see your starting at the series 4 too. Interesting, can't wait for your next post.

simon n josh said...

oh my..looks like a girl fight!

cass and cady said...

Katie is so mean. I like Emily better.

ellie said...

I have a feeling it will be interesting.

heath and nick said...

can't wait for more!

fan fic said...

Ok, I mentioned it on my blog. Hope that helps...