Sunday, February 6, 2011

where do the bad girls go

"Cass! Cassie!" Naomi shook Cassie's limp body on the bathroom floor of their very tiny flat. 

It couldn't be. It couldn't. Naomi didn't think Cassie was taking anything seriously sick. She seemed happy these last few weeks. They went to work. Hit the clubs. It was bliss. As Naomi blinked she wasn't so sure of the bliss.

So far away from home. New York City. God, she wished she was anywhere but here. She dialed 911. It wasn't long til the meds took Cassie away. They were working on her steadily. Just need her stomach pumped.

With her smeared mascara, Naomi was on her way in the van with them. They wouldn't let her smoke, and she really needed one right now.

It was there outside the emergency in the rain or was it snow, that Naomi called Cook. She was the closest to him, at the moment, back home.

"Hullo." He sounded dead asleep, maybe drunk.

"Cookie, is that you?" She shouted as she puffed on her wet cigarette


"JJ!" Maybe it was him with Cook's mobile. She thought she dialed right.

"Me? Is that you." The voice was shakey.

"Yeah? Who's this?" She found herself walking in circles. She felt miserable and sad. She just needed someone from home. Cassie hardly knew the real her. Or maybe she did know what she wanted, all along. It was just confusing. Were they only lovers? And never friends?


"Well, where the fuck is Cook?" She winced. Maybe it was just as well that she didn't get him.

"Dunno. Fucked somewhere, I guess." JJ sort of laughed.

"Is this his mobile?" Nothing had really changed, Naomi thought. JJ still had to look after Cook when she knew Cook thought he was looking after him.

'Is it?"

"What are you doing?" Naomi thought JJ was no help.

"Sleeping." He sighed. "You want to talk to Em?"

Naomi thought she might choke on her cigarette then. Her goosebumps were sending her to a new frigid cold.

"Emily? She's with you?" Naomi asked the burning question. Her red eyes rimmed with tears.


Naomi clicked off quickly. She needed to see to Cassie. She had no time to talk to Emily.


ellie said...

So alone. She should talk to Emily.

תמר said...

ho ho finnally some cassie ;)

write more , can't wait ! :)