Thursday, January 27, 2011

unlocking the feeling

"Why so glum?" Darby's question hung in the air for some time before Maxxie could speak up.

Tony and Robby were long gone now. They'd said their goodbyes at the pub, some time ago. Now Maxxie and Darby were walking alone in the dark misty night.

"You know, I'm sure you have chums you wished you'd known better." Max kept his hands deep in his pockets of his parka.

"No, not really." Darby was even lipped. He walked next to Maxxie.

"Yeah, you have that fan club of yours to worry about. Its amazing I slipped you away from them for an hour or two." Maxxie smiled at Darby.

"Its unconditional, you know." Darby shrugged. "Can't help it, if I give them screams."

"You're a real Justin Bieber, you know." Max told him.

"Shut it, that's so not true, mate."  Darby shook his head, no.

"You know its true. Its been that way since you got the lead in High School Musical." Maxxie was serious as they walked on into the night.

"Not like I have deals pouring in or anything, now is it? My time is ticking away." Darby made it sound the shows would be the death of him. There was only a small window of time that he could play a teen. "I'm twenty-two, you know." He'd grown up on stage playing a kid part in the SOUND OF MUSIC. " That's why I keep writing scripts so. I play in a band for fun."

"But you're always working." Maxxie sounded sad about it. He thought Darby was out with a bird every night.

"I can't help myself. If you can't be your biggest fan, who will, right?" Darby looked up at him.

Max couldn't explain it. but it felt like the right thing to do. He leaned in. Just a test perhaps. He wasn't sure what to expect.

When their lips me, it was divine. There wasn't a thought in his head of either, Rob nor Tony. Yeah, he had to find a way to not be a part of their triangle, and Darby just might be the key.


E.L. said...

Maybe Darby would be good for him.

Cait said...

I like Darby.