Monday, April 26, 2010

just a want

Emily had a panic attack on Freddie. Really, he should have expected it. He knew her heart belonged to Naomi even if she didn't call Emily, lately.

"All right. Forget it ever happened." Seriously, Freddie was tired of this shit. He needed something new. Especially, when he got a text from Effy showing him her hottie, Dez.

"Sickening." He told Cook over a lager down at the pub. "I quit Effy now." He could not heart something like that. She was devious and thought of no one but herself. "I want to be loved, you know. I do."

"Right? You won't find shit like that in our village." Cook looked at him out of the corner of his eye.

Freddie nodded. So true. Obviously. "I want a bird who's genuine, you know. I thought I knew my Ef. Obvioulsy, not."

Cook just nodded as if he were sick of himself, too. But he kept on with the drinks and soon enough he was off going around to the whore house to see if he could hook up with a slapper for a cheap price. As always, he yelped back at Freddie. "Really, these slappers should be pay'n me, you know?"

Freddie just smiled. He didn't want a whore though. He wanted love.

Just then he looked up and saw someone new, come in. Thank God, Cook wasn't there to take dibs on the new skirt. There was something about the make up that made him think of Effy, but she was not her. She had eyes that looked directly into the soul. He was put off a bit by it. Because he didn't want her to be Effy, and yet he was drawn to her.

He walked over to her then at the corner of the bar, and just stood there for the longest time. Finally, he asked. "Could I buy you a drink?"

"Sure." She wanted a vodka and juice.

"Should I know you?" He handed her the drink as they neared the pool table and the fruit-machines.

"Doubt it." The lass shrugged as he she sipped her drink.

"Could I get to know you?" He felt like spilling out everything about himself to her, but he knew she'd probably hate him if hedid.

She gave him a grin.

"I dunno. I think I might want to get to know you." She leaned near the loo then.

"Is that what you have in mind?" He looked up at the loo.

"Hardly." She shook her head, no. "Its so nasty."

Freddie just nodded. He did like the nasty, but not quite the nasty she was thinking of.

"We could go back to my place." Freddie mentioned.

"Or mine." She shrugged.


"Yeah, but lets dance first." She told him her name was Manny. He liked the ring to it. Freddie and Manny. So natural.

They danced close then. Her hair smelled of lavender and her scent was so genuine and clean. God, he hated to fuck this up.


misty said...

cool. I'm glad he met her.

meg said...

so, he's found someone..has he??

ellie said...

Freddie is moving least..he's moving.

simon n josh said...

wow. its great to see Freddie alive and well.

axel said...

I think it's great.

heath and nick said...