Wednesday, April 21, 2010

choosing sides

"Honestly, babe, its not our place to be traipsing off to god nowhere to find your sis. She's a big girl and she knows what she's doing." Robby felt he knew this from experience. After all, he'd rather in bed with Tony than thinking about a goose chase no where. "Just relax." He put his hand on Tony's chest. He drew Tony in. They snogged longingly as if this was where they were suppose to be. He could easily make Tony forget Effy.

"I did try to tell Mum, but she's a such a saucer lately, its pathetic." Tony then fell back in to the family woes.

"Right." Robby gave Tony and open smile. "That's why we should leave and never look back."

"But this is my home." Tony winced.

"Like it or not, its never gonna be what it was. All right. You got me know and lets just live. All right?" Robby had to refresh his memory just what this meant. He kissed Tony's chest then and prodded his fingers under the covers to find out exactly what was happy to see him. And his cock was. Easy persuasion there.

Sure enough, Robby sucked him off, listen all the while to his little pants and sighs. Robby knew who's side Tony was on. His of course.


meg said...

I love Robby!

fan fic said...

well..they seem happy.

ellie said...

Robby seems to know what he wants. Hope Tony knows.